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Temptation Cruise Theme Nights

Temptation Cruise 2024, from the moment you board the ship, you will feel your temperature rise. Temptation Cruise has built-in entertainment with our sexy theme nights, each with a different theme that will create a fun-filled atmosphere. You are invited to play and party all night long. Whether you choose to go wild or mild with your themes, the party and energy will intoxicate you.

Nightly Party Themes!!!

PJ's & Onesies

Get Cozy & Crazy! Join us for the PJ’s & Onesies Bash on the Temptation Cruise. Bring out your inner party spirit as we sail through a night of snug shenanigans. Flaunt your comfiest bedtime attire or spice things up with a cheeky onesie – whether you’re a cuddly teddy bear or a mysterious adventurer, it’s time to break free! Imagine, dance, and groove till dawn, because tonight, we’re turning comfort into the hottest trend!


Dress code: rock your sexiest Onesie and Lingerie.

toga party

Get ready to channel your inner divine being and wrap yourself in revealing togas that spark fantasies! We’re throwing a wild night of pure extravagance where history collides with the present in a whirl of sexy vibes. Dance freely, groove to the beats, and give in to the enchanting and seductive magic of the night.

Dress Code: Toga and seductive gold accessories.

Pimps & Hoes

Get set to dive into a world of glitz and mystery at our Pimps & Hoes Gala! Flaunt your sassiest style and let loose as we sail through a state of playful extravagance. Rock those luxurious threads, from sultry outfits to charismatic vibes. It’s a night where fantasies come alive, and the dance floor sparks with electrifying energy. Go ahead, flaunt your boldest, fiercest, most authentic self!

Dress code: Think Coyote Ugly meets Moulin Rouge; funky hats, killer heels, big faux-fur coats, colorful bottoms, and maybe even some snazzy loafers.

Animal party

Unleash your primal instincts and hop aboard the Temptation Cruise! Shed your inhibitions like a snake sheds its skin and let your inner beast run wild. Put on your sexiest animal outfit – whether you’re a fierce tiger or a sultry snake, it’s time to strut your stuff. Get ready to prowl, pounce, and party like never before! Let’s find out who’s the ultimate ruler of this pleasure-packed jungle

Dress code: dress as an animal that resonates with you.

glow in the dark

It’s time to turn up the heat and make waves on the Temptation Cruise’s sizzling Glow in the Dark bash! Get ready to shine like a star as we transform the ship into a neon paradise of electrifying fun. Rock your boldest, brightest, and most outrageously glowing outfits, and let the moonlit waves be your backdrop for a night of irresistible beats and steamy connections.

Dress code: Think neon threads, glow sticks, and anything else that screams “I’m the life of the glow-up party!“ Let’s light up the night together