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Temptation Caribbean Cruise 2025 will come to life with a dream team of experienced staff, crew, and notorious Playmakers, ready to entertain you. The exciting vibe will exceed your expectations of an at sea party vacation. During the day, connect with your wet and wild side as you indulge in the coolest poolside experience. Once the sun goes down, our incredible themed parties dominate each night, where creativity is key to bringing the atmosphere alive.

Stay tuned for more entertainment details, they’ll be available soon.

Theme Nights

Theme nights on-board the Temptation Cruise are available to help people interact and be more social. The phenomenal experience is a unique chance to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy themes to entice your inner fantasies.

topless optional area

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Once your upper bikini part comes off, the fun doesn’t stop. These areas allow us to stay true to our liberating concept while inviting you to try something new.

clothing optional area

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Join us at our clothing-optional exclusive spot, hosted by Desire Miches Resort, where couples can explore and get a taste for what our new couples-only resort is all about.

pool parties


A Temptation Caribbean Cruise wouldn’t be the same without our themed pool parties for you to play by day. Loaded with tons of activities under the sun, and a DJ lineup second to none, get in on the action and have some fun!

R-Rated Red Room

R-Rated red room banner

This space is a favorite for those looking to expand, experiment, and enhance their relationships in an intimate couples-only atmosphere. It’s always nice to add a dash of spice.

guest DJs


Our DJs will have you on your feet while you party to their beats. They’ll be working their turntables to create an unforgettable party scene, both throughout the day and into the night.


Our VIP lineup of attendees, each an eminence in their field, give you the opportunity to participate in one-of-a-kind workshops while enjoying educational fun at the same time.

cruise director | mario cruz

As your Cruise Director, it is Mario’s job to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that the party never stops, and that the atmosphere is both trendy and cool. This voyage will offer so many new things for you to do, stay tuned!

play makers

For a fascinating voyage, follow our playmakers lead, as they provide the fun on an at-sea adventure that can’t be beat. This seasoned group is committed to providing you with innovative entertainment throughout your party vacation.