playground rules

For all Guests to fully enjoy their Temptation Caribbean Cruise experience, we ask you to respect the following Playground rules:
  • Areas where upper bikini garments are optional: all pools, sun decks, and designated events. Additionally, the couples-only Desire Resorts & Cruises Hotspot area is the only onboard space that is 100% au naturel. For the comfort of all guests, we ask that you use appropriate attire in all other areas, including dining facilities.
  • The Playroom is an exclusive area for couples only.
  • We will be offering a series of workshops throughout your voyage, some will be for couples, others for singles. Please check the daily program for details and choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Due to the unique concept of our cruise, we ask that you refrain from taking photos/video in the Desire Resorts & Cruises Hotspot or in the areas where upper bikini garments are optional, as well as during stipulated theme nights. Be sure and capture your favorite Temptation Caribbean Cruise moments throughout all other areas around this spectacular ship.
  • Please treat other Temptation Cruisers with utmost respect. We don’t want to have to give anyone a time-out!
  • The ship staff has the right to refuse to serve beverages to any guest who does not consume responsibly.
  • Balance is important, some like to rest while others party; after midnight, your fellow guests would appreciate it if noise levels are kept to a minimum in our ship’s corridors.
  • We have created a relaxed ambiance aboard our Temptation Caribbean Cruise; however, drug use will not be tolerated. No illegal drugs or other illegal substances are allowed on board, at any time. Violation of drug laws may include, but is not limited to, removal from the ship and involvement of the appropriate authorities.
  • Neither Temptation Cruises nor the cruise line will be held responsible for items left outside your safety deposit box. Please be sure to place valuable items in the safe.


***These conceptual playground rules are in addition to all rules & regulations stipulated by the Cruise Line.